Recommended Introduction Level Books on Paul

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I want you to dig deeper into reading Paul. Thus, this list of introductions on Paul the Apostle.

I may modify it over time, but for now, these are my favorite intro level books on Paul.

I won’t agree with every author in their entirety, but that’s not the point! I want folks to engage!

Here are some of my favorite introduction level books on Paul:

  • Paul: A Very Short Introduction (E.P. Sanders)

    • E.P. Sanders’ big book, Paul and Palestinian Judaism, singlehandedly changed the landscape of Pauline studies by reframing Judaism as a religion of grace. This very short book summarizes his views of Judaism and Paul.

  • Reinventing Paul (John Gager)

    • The radical perspective on Paul is outline here in a very helpful way. John Gager builds on the work of Lloyd Gaston (Paul and the Torah) and other early “within Judaism” scholars.

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